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Application Instructions

We appreciate your interest in the apartment we currently have available. Because we want to rent this apartment to people who are considerate of their neighbors, clean in their living habits, capable of paying rent, and prompt in paying their bills, we use a rental application to help us determine whether our applicants meet these qualifications. We want you to know how to complete the application we use, and we also want you to know what our company does with your application.

When filling out the application, put something in every blank, even if you have to put "None" or "N.A." in some blanks. Try to write so that your entries fit in the spaces provided. Take your time and look up any information called for on the application which you're at all uncertain about. Don't guess.

When you have completed your application, read it over carefully to make sure that it is accurate, complete and legible. Look especially for misspellings and transposed numbers.

We verify this information in a variety of ways. We look at your Social Security card or some other evidence of your SSN. We look at your actual driver's license or some other official picture identification which you use whenever you cash a check. We call your current landlord or manager and ask the same questions about your previous landlord or manager and ask the same questions about your previous tenancy.

A credit report will be ordered and a call will be made to verify your source of income to determine how much you generally receive from that source every month and how long you have been receiving it.

Please read the back of the rental application carefully. It states that the information on your application is true and correct, and it authorizes us to verify your references and your credit as they relate to your tenancy now and to your paying rent in the future. It also commits you to signing the lease. After paying a deposit if you fail to rent the apartment, you may forfeit all or a portion of your deposit. However, if the applicant fails to meet the rental criteria, which results in rejection, Plus Properties will return the deposit immediately.

That is the procedure we follow when we check applications. We'd be glad to talk with you about any part of these procedures and hope that we will soon be doing business together.

Application form (24 KB)
Download the application form.
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